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The wealth of experience and stellar reputations of the partners at Teynier Pic, built over almost 20 years while at reputed international and French firms and a consistent track-record since its own inception 15 years ago, has earned Teynier Pic its place as one of the best practices on the Paris market. To this day, our lawyers have acted as legal counsel or arbitrator in more than 300 cases involving more than 50 countries.

Experience as Legal Counsel

Teynier Pic has a wealth of experience in both commercial arbitration whether institutional (ICC, AAA, Cairo Arbitration Centre, LCIA, CCJA, AFA, CAIP, etc.), or ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and investment arbitration whether institutional (ICC, ICSID), or ad hoc (including UNCITRAL).

These proceedings have taken place in Paris, and in other major arbitration centers, such as London or Geneva, and also in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or South America. Teynier Pic therefore uses a variety of working languages – French, English, Spanish, German and Italian.

The fact that our partners have such in-depth knowledge and considerable experience in the world of arbitration is also a major asset when establishing an arbitration tribunal.

Experience as Arbitrator

In addition to their activity as counsel, our partners are regularly appointed as arbitrators (whether sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator or Chairman) in commercial and investment arbitration proceedings both institutional and ad hoc.

For each partner, the activity of arbitrator is supplemental to their activity as counsel. In our experience, this has richly contributed in broadening our perspectives, our range of services and allows us to envisage smarter strategies in the best interests of our clients.

Experience in Arbitration-Related Litigation

Additionally, the firm’s expertise in commercial litigation has led Teynier Pic to work on arbitration-related litigation on behalf of its clients, either upstream or downstream of arbitration or even concomitantly with it. Our law firm is able to intervene if a difficulty arises in the constitution of an arbitral tribunal or regarding a request for provisional measures. The firm also regularly handles issues that may arise after the award is rendered, such as proceedings for the setting aside of an arbitral awards or the appeal of an enforcement (“exequatur”) order before French courts.

Experience in Public International Law

Teynier Pic has extensive experience in public international law and investment arbitration.  We regularly advise and represent States, state-owned entities and international organisations in contentious and non-contentious matters.

Our significant experience and our substantial expert network, notably in the field of academia, allows us to tailor our teams to focus on the heart of your matter. Our boutique structure allows us to provide you expert legal advice with the additional advantages of a reduced conflicts risk as well as flexible and competitive pricing.

 Our scope of work covers:

  • Investment treaty disputes;
  • International human rights law;
  • International environmental law;
  • International humanitarian law;
  • Boundary disputes;
  • State succession;
  • Privileges and immunities; and
  • Sanctions.




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