Strategic Alliance with Griffin Litigation PLLC

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In March 2016, Teynier Pic decided to forge a “strategic alliance” with Griffin Litigation PLLC, a London and New York based international arbitration and enforcement boutique.

After years of focusing on investment and dispute management consultancy, former Shearman & Sterling and Baker Botts partner, Peter Griffin, set up Griffin Litigation PLLC on 19 February 2016, primarily to offer litigation and arbitration services to clients of Slaney Advisors, the consultancy he founded in 2007 and continues to operate. Griffin Litigation PLLC primarily focuses on clients that have sovereign debt collection awards that require enforcement.

Peter Griffin has previously worked with Eric Teynier and Pierre Pic while part of at the arbitration team at Shearman & Sterling. Over the past few years they have successfully acted as co-counsels on several international arbitration and enforcement matters.

This alliance allows Teynier Pic to remain true to its core values, as a boutique independent firm while being able to broaden its reach. In the world of arbitration, Paris, with the ICC and London, with the LCIA, are the centres of reference, which attract clients and cases from all over the world. Peter Griffin is an experienced international arbitration practitioner who has represented a wide variety of clients in many significant cases. He has in recent years focused his efforts on the enforcement side of disputes that is always of inherent interest to us and our clients.

Both firms are very active across a broad range of sectors and are also very present in the emerging markets. In that context, London is a key capital for certain of those markets, whereas Paris is a centre for others and New York for others; this is the driving factor behind our decision to combine our coverage, and thereby our presence across the three countries.

This alliance also comes as a response to client demand for a way to increase our presence in what can loosely be described as the common law world.

More importantly, this alliance also comes as a response to a market need: the last decade has seen a proliferation in international arbitration and a commensurate increase in the number of firms practicing international arbitration. One of the consequences of this has been the growth of “pure play” arbitration teams, who have – by accident or design – very little to do with the courts. By and large that has been very good for arbitration, but there has been a price to pay on the enforcement side. Enforcement action – seizures, garnishments, attachments, arrests, etc. – requires traditional litigation expertise that many of the larger arbitration teams are quite often ill equipped to provide.

The alliance is one between international arbitration and enforcement specialists. That involves not only knowing how to enforce, but – perhaps more importantly – having a proven international network of experts with whom we have worked in the past, in the most common enforcement jurisdictions. This helps us provide the complete gamut of services to our clients who know from their own experience how difficult it can be to convert an award into a successful recovery.