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We are an independent law firm based in Paris boasting a global reach, with a focus on litigation, arbitration and amicable dispute resolution.

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Our founders

Our firm was founded in 2004 by two established lawyers in the arbitration community: Eric Teynier and Pierre Pic.

After practicing at leading French and international law firms, they envisioned a new concept of a litigation and arbitration “boutique” law firm matching the highest standards of top tier firms in Paris and abroad.

This model means that for nearly 20 years now, the firm has been independently developing high-end, niche legal solutions and is much less exposed to the risk of conflicts of interest.

The first full-service dispute resolution boutique firm

Our firm has continued to grow since it was founded and now offers a comprehensive range of dispute resolution services to our clients, who include States and public entities, companies, investors and international organisations. These services range from dispute prevention and alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and pre-contentious strategy, as well as enforcement and setting aside of court decisions or arbitration awards, while the conduct of arbitral or court proceedings remains at the heart of our practice.

A major player in domestic and international dispute resolution

Having dealt with over 400 cases involving more than 60 countries in sectors as varied as aeronautics and space, construction, infrastructure and engineering, defence, energy and natural resources, industry, telecommunications and new technologies, our firm is recognised internationally as one of the key players in the resolution of disputes through court and arbitral proceedings.


Our commitments

Client satisfaction is our primary objective. Accordingly, we commit to the following:

  • Responsiveness and Efficiency: Most of the time, our clients require urgent assistance. We are able to respond to our clients’ needs within extremely short turnaround times. From our selection of team members through to the delivery of our services, everything we do is driven by our results-oriented culture.
  • Commitment and determination: All of our lawyers are fully invested in our clients’ cases, which means we guarantee the highest level of performance, commitment and determination throughout the matters and proceedings that we handle.
  • Pragmatism and Rigour: We are familiar with our clients’ industry sectors. We offer them tailored solutions that meet their commercial, technical and financial challenges and provide them with outstanding service.
  • Strategic and tactical acumen: Not only do we provide our clients with the best legal services, but our lawyers also offer sound strategic and tactical advice in handling our client’s often complex cases.
  • Independence: Our firm is not part of an international network which guarantees our independence when it comes to governance, managing conflicts of interest and pricing policy.

Our clients are our best ambassadors:


Our values

Our values play a fundamental role in the dynamics and development of our firm. Each member of our team works in accordance with these values.

This means we are able to offer our clients high-quality services in a work environment that is enriching and fulfilling for the whole team.

  • Team spirit
  • Pride in a job well done
  • Kindness and respect
  • Transfer of knowledge


Our strong international focus

Our law firm has a global reach.

A truly international firm

We assist in the resolution of disputes on every continent. The vast majority of our cases involve cross-border issues. We advise and represent clients from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, including private companies, investors, States, governments and international organisations.

Lawyers with international backgrounds and profiles

In order to meet the challenges faced by our clients, we have put together a team of lawyers with first-rate international backgrounds and profiles, whose cultural diversity echoes that of our clients.
Trained in both Civil and Common Law jurisdictions, our lawyers work in French and English. Some of them are also fluent in Spanish, German, Italian and Arabic.
In addition to the Paris Bar, some of our team members are admitted to the Bar associations of New York, California, Quebec, England and Wales, New Zealand, Beirut and Egypt.
Our lawyers publish academic articles in specialist French and foreign law journals. They regularly speak at conferences in France and abroad.
Our partners and associates are active members of the international arbitration and litigation community and some play institutional roles in major international arbitration associations.

Present in the main arbitration centres

Historically based in Paris, we also have bases in other major arbitration centres, such as Dubai and Beirut. We have entered into strategic alliances with several law firms based in these places, with which we work closely and successfully.

11-1232, Le Bureau Building, 5th Floor Adlieh – Beirut – LEBANON

1734 Central Park Towers, DIFC
PO Box 507120, Dubai – UAE

When required by our clients, we also work with foreign colleagues, with whom we have collaborated in the past on major cases.


Our Awards & Rankings

Our law firm is ranked among the world’s top players in its areas of expertise by the most prestigious international directories.

Teynier Pic is ranked among the top law firms for International Arbitration by the Global Arbitration Review in the 2022 guide (GAR 100)

Teynier Pic is ranked among the top law firms for International Arbitration by Chambers in the Chambers Global and Chambers Europe 2022 guides (Band 4)

Teynier Pic is ranked among the top law firms for International Arbitration and Commercial Litigation by The Legal 500 in the 2022-2023 guide (Tier 4)

Teynier Pic Teynier Pic is ranked in Décideurs Magazine for Dispute Resolution: Commercial Litigation and Industrial Risks; and Liability Litigation: Claims and Insurance Litigation (Highly recommended); and for Dispute Resolution: International Arbitration; and Africa Desk: International Arbitration and Litigation (Excellent) in the 2022 guide

Teynier Pic is ranked amongst the best law firms in International Arbitration by  Option Droit & Affaires

Teynier Pic is ranked amongst the best law firms in International Arbitration by Le Point in 2022 and for the fourth consecutive year

In 2020, 2019 and 2018, Teynier Pic was awarded by Le Monde du Droit the first, second and third prize for International Arbitration and ADR and Litigation

Eric Teynier was listed as one of the top lawyers in Africa the Jeune Afrique magazine in 2020 and 2021

Eric Teynier and Pierre Pic (Thought leaders), Raphael Kaminsky and Sara Nadeau-Seguin (Global Leaders) are listed amongst the best lawyers in International Arbitration by the 2023 WWL directory

Eric Teynier, Pierre Pic and Raphael Kaminsky were listed amongst the best lawyers in International Arbitration and Litigation by the Best Lawyers in France directory in 2021


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