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Terms and conditions of use

By accessing and/or using this Website, accessible from the URL address www.teynier.com (hereinafter the Website), each natural person (hereinafter “the User”) represents and warrants that they have, beforehand, read these terms and conditions of use, the legal notice, the notice relating to intellectual property and the data protection policy, and that they accept the terms and conditions thereof unreservedly and without any amendment or limitation.

The purpose of the Website and the data, information and documents that it provides is to furnish general, non-exhaustive information about Teynier Pic and about the legal profession; under no circumstances may said data, information and documents be deemed to constitute the provision of legal advice, canvassing, prospecting and/or an offer of services.

The User alone is responsible for the use they make of the information provided by the Website; under no circumstances may Teynier Pic be held liable for any direct or indirect loss arising from use of this information by the User.

Teynier Pic does not guarantee that the Website will be accessible continuously, and may, at any time, remove any information or any reference on the Website or even suspend the said Website, at its own discretion and without prior notice.

Third party websites, their content and/or the documents accessible from the hypertext links posted on the Website or in documents downloadable from the Website are the exclusive responsibility of their creator(s) and may not engage the liability of Teynier Pic.

The User is not authorised to create any hypertext link to the Website and/or any page of the Website and/or of any file found on said Website without the prior express consent of Teynier Pic.

The Website is subject to French law, and also to the jurisdiction of the French courts; French is the official language on the Website.

Publication of the Website

The publisher of the Website, accessible from the URL address www.teynier.com, is Teynier Pic, a firm of lawyers operating in the form of a French SELAS, registered with the Companies Register for Paris under number 478 244 817, with its registered office at 2 rue Lord Byron, 75008 Paris, France – Telephone: +33 1 53 45 97 00 – Email: contact@teynier.com.

Website publication management

Éric Teynier, lawyer and founder partner of the firm, at 2 rue Lord Byron, 75008 Paris, France – Telephone: +33 1 53 45 97 01 – Email: eric.teynier@teynier.com.

Website creation and design

Bloody Mary, 22 rue de Tocqueville, 75017 Paris, France – Telephone: +33 (0)1 71 32 21 10.

Website hosting

OVH SAS, 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix, France – Telephone: + 33 (0)820 320 363

Intellectual property

The Website and each of its components, including text, articles, newsletters, releases, presentations, brochures, illustrations, photographs, videos, icons, sound, IT programs, animations, etc., are the exclusive intellectual property of Teynier Pic, with the exception of the third-party trademarks that may be mentioned.

The Website includes in particular, photographs produced by Jean-Marc Lailheugue, whose patrimonial rights have been assigned to Teynier Pic. The moral rights associated with these photographs however, remain the property of their creator.

The Website also includes videos and photos, the rights on which are managed with Shutterstock by Frédéric Brard, manager of the advertising agency, Bloody Mary.

The User is only authorised to represent the Website on the screen of their personal computer, print the pages of the Website for their personal use and temporarily reproduce the files making up the Website in the cache memory of this computer, solely for the purposes of making it easier to consult the Website. In particular, and subject to the provisions in the previous paragraph, the User is not authorised to reproduce, represent, amend, translate and/or adapt, in full or in part, in return for payment or free of charge, the Website and each of its components, or to reproduce or represent such translations, adaptations and amendments, in full or in part, in return for payment or free of charge, without the prior written consent of Teynier Pic.

Any reproduction, use, adaptation, etc., in full or in part, in any manner, in any form, using any process and on any medium whatsoever, is forbidden, without the prior written consent of Teynier Pic, apart from those exceptions legally permitted by the French Intellectual Property Code (including in respect of personal copies), at the risk of committing breach of copyright.

By derogation from the previous paragraphs, Teynier Pic authorises the User to download onto their computer’s hard disk, the newsletters or other documents provided to them in the form of digital files, specifically with a view to being downloaded. These files may only be downloaded from hypertext links reproducing the wording “download this document here” or any other wording showing authorisation given to the User to download these documents. In this case, and barring any express provision to the contrary reproduced on each of the aforementioned documents, the User shall be authorised to only keep a copy of these documents and to only print out these documents for strictly personal use. It is forbidden in particular, to distribute these documents to third parties, including by email, printing out or distribution on a tangible medium, or by making them available on a server set up on a public or private network.


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