The Paris Court of Appeal recalls the high standard applied to actions to set aside arbitral awards based on an alleged breach of an arbitrator’s duty of disclosure.

Paris Court of Appeal, 19 September 2023 – no. 21/16159 A recent ruling by the Paris Court of Appeal on the independence and impartiality of arbitrators highlights the strict and high standard applied by French courts to applications to set aside an arbitral award based on an arbitrator’s failure to disclose his relationship with a […]

The United Arab Emirates amends its legislation on arbitration

The United Arab Emirates recently enacted Federal Law No. 15 of 2023 (the “Amendment Law”), introducing changes to its arbitration legislation relating to virtual proceedings, restrictions on the appointment of arbitrators, and the autonomy and discretion of the arbitral tribunal. The main changes can be summarised as follows: Conduct of proceedings and virtual proceedings: Article […]

Recent rulings from the Cour de cassation on time limits

In October, the Cour de cassation explored the subject of time limits, whether for performance, limitation or forclusion: The ten-year period during which enforcement of a Court decision may be pursued runs from the day on which the decision becomes enforceable within the meaning of article L. 111-3, 1° of the French Code of Civil Enforcement […]

Latest news on contract law

In October, the Cour de cassation handed down several important rulings on contractual practice: Termination: no requirement of formal notice if notice is in vain In a ruling handed down on October 18, 2023, the Commercial Chamber of the Cour de cassation reiterated that unilateral termination of a contract may be requested without prior formal […]

Patricia Khoury and Juliette Migeon join our team

We are expanding our teams with the arrival of two future members of the Paris Bar: Patricia Khoury and Juliette Migeon. Patricia Khoury was already a member of the Cairo Bar (Egypt) before passing the Paris Bar admission exams. She is fluent in French, English and Arabic, and will strengthen our Middle East and Gulf […]

Latest news in civil law

The fulfilment or failure of a condition precedent (CP) must be assessed on the date of termination of the contract, and any fulfilment of the CP after this date is irrelevant. In the present case, an architect agreement, which failed to comply with the provisions of the Consumer Code protecting real property investors, must be […]