Pierre PIC

Founding Partner

Pierre Pic co-founded Teynier Pic in 2004. He has practiced domestic and international commercial arbitration for over 25 years.

He has experience in the following areas: telecoms, aerospace, defence and security; construction and major infrastructure projects; banking, insurance and corporate law; private and public international law and investment treaty arbitration.

Most of his counsel practice is focused on the conduct of international arbitration proceedings. He also maintains a significant practice in French court proceedings relating to cross-border matters as counsel, and in serving as an arbitrator.

  • Paris (1995)
  • Representing one of the leading Turkish contractors against the Libyan State in an ICC arbitration concerning various damages caused to its investment during the civil and military unrest following the fall of Colonel Gaddafi’s regime.
  • Representing the same Turkish contractor in set-aside proceedings before the Court of Appeal of Paris of the award against the Libyan State in the same matter.
  • Representing a European satellite manufacturing company in an ICC arbitration concerning a low earth orbit satellite constellation project.
  • Representing a French engineering group in an ICC arbitration against its project owner in relation to a project for the delivery of a glass production line in Turkey.
  • Representing a French contractor against its public owner in an ICC arbitration concerning the construction of a thermal power plant in Cape Verde.
  • Representing a French contractor in an ICC arbitration against two US companies concerning a project for the construction of a petrochemical plant in France.
  • Representing a group of shareholders in an ICC arbitration concerning various breaches of a shareholders’ agreement and the determination of the sale price of a minority interest in a mineral water production company in Iran.
  • Representing a minority shareholder in a CCJA arbitration challenging a proposed capital reduction followed by a capital increase and various other breaches of a shareholders’ agreement.
  • Representing a European defence group in an ICC arbitration concerning a project for the supply a military sonar system.
  • Representing a European defence group in two ICC arbitrations concerning the security of a local airport (CCTV, security and access control).
  • Representing a Jordanian national in an ICC arbitration against the estate of a prominent Saudi Arabian personality concerning donations.
  • Representing an Eastern European State in an UNCITRAL arbitration concerning the State’s policy to protect its agricultural sector, allegedly in breach of the Bilateral Investment Treaty between the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.
  • Representing an Eastern European State in an ad hoc arbitration concerning alleged violations of the Bilateral Investment Treaty between the Czech Republic and Germany in the context of a large-scale customs fraud.
  •  Representing an Eastern European State before the Court of Appeal of Paris in two separate proceedings against a Croatian investor seeking to set aside an UNCITRAL award on jurisdiction based on the Bilateral Investment Treaty between Croatia and the Czech Republic.
  • Representing the former Chairman and minority shareholder of a bank in French court proceedings against the majority shareholders regarding the forced execution of a share transfer agreement.
  • Representing a Lebanese bank in several French court proceedings against depositors wishing to circumvent the foreign exchange restrictions applicable in Lebanon.
  • French
  • English
  • German
  • DEA in International Law University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas (France) – 1993
  • Master of Private Law University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas (France) – 1992
  • Judicial Review of Investment Arbitration Awards: A Comparative Perspective of French and Canadian Courts“, ICC Dispute Bulletin 2022, No. 1 (co-author)
  • Third-Party Funding – The French Perspective“, Funding in Focus, Vannin Capital, Issue 5, 2017, pp. 8-13 (co-author)
  • Le rôle de l’arbitre (The role of the arbitrator)“, L’exécution des sentences arbitrales internationales, edited by Maximin de Fontmichel and Jérémy Jourdan-Marques, LGDJ 2017, pp. 15-28
  • La notion d’exécution ‘susceptible de léser gravement les intérêts de l’une des parties’ et le choix entre l’arrêt et l’aménagement de l’exécution immédiate des sentences (The notion of enforcement ‘likely to seriously prejudice the interests of one of the parties’ and the choice between halting and accommodating the immediate enforcement of awards)“, Les Cahiers de l’Arbitrage/The Paris Journal of International Arbitration, 2016(4), pp. 951-960
  • Cour d’appel de Paris (Pôle 1 – Ch. 1), 8 April 2014, Société Nykcool AB c/ société Helvetia et autres“, Rev. Arb. 2015, N° 1, pp. 118-133
  • Le nouveau Règlement d’arbitrage de la CNUDCI de 2010 (The new UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules 2010)“, arb. 2011 – N°1, p. 99 (co-author).
  • Le contentieux lié à la gestion des risques dans les activités spatiales“, Gestion et partage des risques dans les projets spatiaux, edited by L. Ravillon, Pedone, 2008, p. 113
  • “Cour de cassation (1ère Ch. Civile), 23 janvier 2007, MM. J-C. et F. Scala c/ Sté Levantina de Hydraulica y Motores (Lehimosa) et autres“, Chronique de jurisprudence française, Rev. arb. 2007, No. 2, p. 279
  • La renonciation à se prévaloir des irrégularités de la procédure arbitrale (The waiver of the right to invoke irregularities in the arbitration procedure)”, arb. 2006 – N° 2, pp. 429-436
  • International Arbitration – A country-by-country look at alternative dispute resolution methods around the globe“, Winning Legal Strategies, Apastore, 2005 (co-author)
  • Les contrats d’exploitation des satellites de télécommunication“, actes du colloque sur le Droit des activités spatiales à l’aube du XXIème siècle, Credimi, LexisNexis Litec, Volume 25, 2005
  • L’arbitrage international en Afrique : quelques observations sur l’OHADA“, Revue Générale de Droit, 2002, p. 847 (co-author)
  • La liberté de parole de l’avocat dans la procédure arbitrale“, Gaz. Pal, Cah. Dr. arb. , 2002/1, p. 42
  • L’aptitude des Etats et des personnes morales de droit public à être parties à un arbitrage dans l’espace OHADA“, Les Cahiers Juridiques et Fiscaux de l’Exportation, 2000, p. 1377 (co-author)
  • Member of the jury of the Sciences Po arbitration competition (Paris)
  • Lecturer, Master 2 in Business Litigation – University of Paris X Paris-Nanterre (2004-2020)
  • “Pierre Pic handles the full range of arbitration mandates, including commercial and investment cases, as well as the related litigation cases before domestic courts.” – Chambers Global 2022
  • “He is excellent on legal and tactical aspects and gets great results for his client.” – Chambers Global 2022
  • “Pierre Pic, aside from being a top-notch lawyer, is one of the most decent people one can ever come across. Extremely bright, diligent and most of all he takes the client’s case to heart.” – Legal 500 2021
  • “Pierre Pic advises corporations and private individuals on a variety of arbitrations, including contractual and shareholders’ disputes. One impressed source says: ‘He is an outstanding advocate who can find ways to win cases where others cannot.’ ” – Chambers Global & Europe 2020
  • Treasurer of the Arbitration Academy (2014-2017)
  • Co-Chairman of the “Commission Ouverte Arbitrage International” of the Paris Bar (2014-2017)
  • Member of the Comité Français de l’Arbitrage (CFA)
  • Member of the International Arbitration Institute (IAI)
  • Member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • Member of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)


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