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The collection of judgment and award debts is a preoccupation of our clients who know from their own experience how difficult it can be to convert an award into a successful recovery. Indeed, in a recent unpublished study commissioned by the International Federation of Commercial Arbitration Institutes it was found that more than 40% of arbitration awards are not voluntarily enforced by award debtors. Litigation funders have been quick to understand and adapt to this phenomenon, and are actively publicizing their ability to finance enforcement efforts.

Teynier Pic, along with Griffin Litigation PLLC, handles enforcement actions (seizures, garnishments, attachments, arrests, etc.), that require traditional litigation expertise that many of the larger arbitration groups now lack. This activity requires both local expertise (to bring enforcement actions before local courts) and an international network (to allow us to move quickly to instruct our colleagues worldwide, often on an urgent basis).