The law firm of Teynier Pic & Associates was born in 2004. Today it becomes Teynier Pic. A few thoughts on these past ten years.

1: The viability of a “dispute resolution boutique” in Paris

One can only note the success and the durability of the type of boutique that Teynier Pic has created. Indeed, while arbitration boutiques existed, Eric Teynier and Pierre Pic wanted to build a boutique of counsels in dispute resolution, a French boutique, and one that is independent. Laurence Kiffer, herself the partner of a well-known arbitrator, joined them with the goal of strengthening their practice as counsel. One cannot fail to see that this type of boutique is long lasting and has been adopted by many others since then.

2: A recognized know-how

Very quickly, Teynier Pic has shown itself to be pre-eminent among the consulting firms in the field of international arbitration (both commercial and investment). The practice of arbitrator, an extension of the work as counsel of each of the partners, has come to enrich it over time. In parallel to its arbitration work, Teynier Pic has a renowned practice of judicial litigation, not only in arbitration, but also in connection with industrial accidents, and business law (mostly acquisitions litigation).

As dispute resolution is no longer limited to contentious activity, be it arbitral or judicial, Teynier Pic has also become involved in amicable dispute resolutions (mediation, negotiation, transactions) that must nowadays be included with the other means of settling disputes.

3: Close, privileged relationships

In 10 years, Teynier Pic has woven close ties with its clients and with colleagues both in France and abroad. Unlike a formal or a pre-set network, the Teynier Pic network has been built through business and shared experiences. It’s only after you have experienced this connection in a joint exercise that you may fully appreciate it.

4: A daily international practice

International work is what we do, every day. Close to 50 countries are involved in our case files, either by the nationality of one of the parties, or because of the applicable local law…  Our team works in 5 languages and many among us have done part of their studies abroad or have had professional experience in another country.

5: Longevity in an evolving market

Teynier Pic has withstood competition that has become stronger and stronger over the past ten years. The number of arbitration teams, particularly in the Anglo-Saxon law firms, has grown. Certain teams have undergone restructuration and given birth to new firms built on the Teynier Pic model. The economic crisis we are crossing also explains the increased role of amicable dispute resolutions and the frequent search for transactional solutions.

In a perpetually moving world, one must be visible, legible, clearer and hard-hitting. That is what determined our name change, more especially as many of our clients and colleagues already refer to us as Teynier Pic.

Teynier Pic, an independent, French law firm dedicated to dispute resolution.

Teynier Pic demonstrates a strong know-how in international, commercial and investment arbitration, which constitutes its extensive experience.




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