Updated GAR Know-How Report on Investment Treaty Arbitration in France

Eric Teynier, Sara Nadeau-Seguin and Karen Azoulay have co-authored the latest Global Arbitration Review (GAR) Know-How Report on Investment Treaty Arbitration in France.

GAR Know-How provides detailed information about individual jurisdictions in an easy-to-use-on-the-go, Q&A form.

What are the distinguishing features of French investment treaties when it comes to qualifying criteria, substantive protection and procedural rights?

How about practicalities on commencing and enforcing an investment treaty claim against the French Republic?

Is there any national legislation protecting inward and outgoing foreign investments?

To find out more about these topics, see the full France Chapter on the GAR website.

For an overview of investment treaty arbitration across a number of other jurisdictions, visit the GAR website.

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