Laurence Kiffer has contributed to the organization of Gabon Campus

In her capacity as a Member of the Paris Bar Council, Laurence Kiffer has contributed to the organization of the joint event between the Paris Bar and the Bar of Gabon, namely, the Campus. The said event was held in Libreville on 3 and 4 May 2016, and aimed to promote inter-bar cooperation, the sharing of legal knowledge sharing and economic development through the training of lawyers.

This international event was a success. It hosted nearly 200 people from France, Gabon as well as from Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Presidents of the Bars of Cameroon and Kinshasa were present.

The work of the Campus, under the guidance of the Prime Minister, and in the presence of representatives of the Minister of Justice, the President of the Constitutional Court, the Attorney General and the Ambassador of France in Gabon, allowed the participants to enrich their knowledge of economic issues in the region, particularity in the digital and telecommunications fields.

Issues related to human rights, such as access to health care, detention of minors and the inheritance of widows were also addressed.

Finally, the discussions showed the courage of our Gabonese counterparts who fight to be able to exercise their profession and to ensure the rights of litigants.




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