Enforcement of awards and court decisions

Our clients know from experience how difficult it is to convert a favourable award or court decision into an effective recovery of the sums awarded by these tribunals. Indeed, more than one third of legally binding decisions are not spontaneously enforced.

At Teynier Pic, we undertake all necessary measures (seizures of movable and immovable property, debt, aircraft, bank accounts, etc.) to enforce court decisions or awards, with the support of our foreign partners, where needed.

We are particularly well-versed in the specificities of the enforcement of commercial and investment arbitral awards against States, with the corresponding issues of sovereign immunity.

Our sector expertise

Our experience in the enforcement of institutional arbitration awards

  • ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes)
  • ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)
  • UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law)
  • CCJA (Common Court of Justice and Arbitration, OHADA)
  • Representing a Chinese company in enforcement proceedings concerning an ICC award made against a public entity of the State of Qatar regarding a construction project in Qatar.
  • Representing an Algerian project owner against a Turkish contractor in enforcement proceedings in several jurisdictions, including France, following our client’s victory in an ICC construction arbitration (Brussels’ seat).
  • Representing a Turkish contractor in the context of the enforcement of an ICC award against Libya, based on the Bilateral Investment Treaty between Turkey and Libya.
  • Representing a British Virgin Islands claimant in enforcement proceedings relating to a CCJA award against an African State.
  • Representing a French telecommunications company against an African State in the enforcement of an ICC award.
  • Representing an Eastern European State in the strategic co-ordination of all enforcement proceedings worldwide of arbitrations related to a high-profile case.
  • Representing a French engineering company specialising in the production of containment systems for the transport and storage under cryogenic conditions of liquefied natural gas in the enforcement of an ICC award against a major French shipyard.
  • Representing a Middle Eastern State and obtaining authorization to enforce ICSID awards made in favour of that State in enforcement proceedings in several jurisdictions, including France.
  • Representing an Iranian company in the enforcement of an international arbitral award made in Switzerland against a French company, and successful seizure of the French company’s assets.
  • Representing a German company seeking authorisation to enforce an international arbitration award made in France against an Albanian company.
  • Representing a Finnish investor in the enforcement of an UNCITRAL award against the property in France of a Middle Eastern State.

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