Energy & Natural Resources

Our firm has extensive experience in the resolution of disputes in the energy and natural resources sectors.

Our lawyers represent French and foreign companies, public operators and States, operating in all sectors of energy and natural resources, including hydrocarbons, gas, nuclear energy and renewable energy, as well as in the mining sector (gold, zinc, bauxite, etc.).

We advise and represent our clients in arbitration and litigation proceedings involving, for example, the management of natural resources, oil extraction (oil drilling and offshore sites) and mining, with a particular focus on the African continent.

Our recent track record

  • Representing a Ukrainian company specialising in the production and distribution of electricity, in a dispute with the Republic of Moldova before the French Courts and the CJEU concerning the annulment of an ad hoc arbitration award made pursuant to the Energy Charter Treaty.
  • Representing an international oil company in an ICC arbitration against one of its South American contractors for the non-performance of a contract for marine services related to its oil extraction activities.
  • Representing an oil drilling company in an ICC arbitration against an African oil group regarding the charging of costs relating to the dismantling of a drilling rig in Algeria.
  • Representing a Gulf oil company in an ICC arbitration against an oil engineering and drilling group concerning the non-performance of a contract for the operation and management of oil wells in Algeria.
  • Representing a European oil company that built a pipeline and participated in the privatisation of an oil refinery in an Eastern European country regarding the termination of its concession.
  • Representing an African State and several oil infrastructure management companies in an ICC arbitration against a Middle Eastern company for payment of penalties due to non- performance of an exclusive hydrocarbon supply contract.
  • Representing one of the world leaders in the production of calcium aluminate cement (CAC) in an ICC arbitration against a Greek bauxite supplier.
  • Representing the world’s leading steel and mining company in a dispute with a leading multinational electricity company regarding the termination of a gas processing contract.
  • Representing a world leader in the renewable energy sector against a world leader in electricity generation in an ad hoc mediation concerning the failure to supply uranium at the contractually agreed price.
  • Representing a France-based seller of electrical equipment in proceedings before the Commercial Court of Créteil and the Court of Appeal of Paris relating to the non-payment of invoices and the payment of penalties.
  • Representing an Eastern European State in an UNCITRAL arbitration concerning the State’s policy to protect its agricultural sector, allegedly in breach of the Bilateral Investment Treaty between the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.
  • Representing the leading German-based electricity producer in a pre-arbitral dispute against the French national energy producer concerning a contract for the operation of a nuclear power plant.
  • Representing the leading France-based electrical equipment supplier in an ICC arbitration concerning the construction of a liquefied natural gas processing plant project in the South-eastern United States of America.
  • Representing an African State in an ICSID arbitration concerning the ownership of oil assets located on both sides of the border.
  • Representing European investors in an ICSID arbitration under the Energy Charter Treaty in connection with the alleged failure by the European State to afford fair and equitable treatment to investors in the renewable energy sector.
  • Representing a French engineering company specialising in the production of containment systems for the transport and storage under cryogenic conditions of liquefied natural gas in an ICC arbitration against a major French shipyard.
  • Representing an African State before the Court of Appeal of Paris in two proceedings against a Belgian company seeking the annulment of an ICC award on jurisdiction in a dispute arising from a concession contract for the exploitation of natural resources.

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