Construction, Infrastructure & Engineering

Our firm has recognised expertise in the construction, infrastructure and engineering sectors, representing project owners, contractors and subcontractors in connection with the completion of infrastructure construction works of all types in the energy, transport and food industries and the waste management and property sectors.

Our recent track record

  • Representing a joint venture between a European company and the Government of an Asia State in connection with the call of a first demand guarantee issued by a French bank for a gas liquefaction plant construction project.
  • Representing a group in the electricity and defence sector in an ICC arbitration against subcontractors in respect of a number of claims (delay penalties, extra work, bank guarantee calls and non-delivery) relating to an airport construction project in Dubai.
  • Representing a Turkish investor against the State of Libya in an ICC arbitration arising from the termination of two large-scale infrastructure projects in Libya in breach of the Bilateral Investment Treaty between the Republic of Turkey and Libya.
  • Representing a joint venture between a Japanese engineering company and a South Korean engineering and construction company in an ICC arbitration concerning the performance of an EPC contract for the construction and relocation of a fertilizer plant in the Middle East.
  • Representing a Russian company in an ad hoc arbitration against a West African State concerning the termination of a public procurement contract for the construction of a hydroelectric dam.
  • Representing a Russian company in a VIAC arbitration against its Italian subcontractor concerning the termination of a contract for the construction of a railway line in Libya.
  • Representing a European public works group in a dispute brought before the Commercial Court of Paris concerning the freezing of a first demand guarantee.
  • Representing a German construction company against a French public contracting authority in a dispute (expert determination, litigation before the Paris Commercial Court and the Paris Administrative Court) relating to the execution of works concerning the foundations of an electricity transformer station (additional works, penalties for delay, etc.).
  • Representing a European construction group in proceedings prior to litigation with the project owner regarding the construction of an office building.
  • Representing a company of a French defence group in an AFA arbitration against one of its subcontractors concerning the delivery of a signalling system for the Hong Kong MTR.
  • Representing a Chinese company in enforcement proceedings concerning an ICC award made against a public entity of the State of Qatar regarding a construction project in Qatar.
  • Representing a Lebanon-based engineering and construction services company before the Court of Appeal of Paris in proceedings against an Algerian oil and gas company to set aside an ICC award.
  • Representing a consortium of companies of a major French construction group against the project owner and the general contractor, concerning the construction of a carbon fibre factory in the South of France.
  • Representing a major French public works group in a dispute against the project owner concerning the construction of a bulk mineral cargo port in a West African State.
  • Representing a French company specialising in the energy sector against a Cape Verdean company concerning the construction of a thermal power plant in Cape Verde.
  • Representing two French companies against a North African State in an ICSID arbitration concerning the breach of a Bilateral Investment Treaty between France and that country in the field of water treatment.

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